<h3>Verizon Wireless »</h3>
              <p>A retail store front window LCD sign in Hanford, CA</p>
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              <h3>Verizon Wireless »</h3>
              <p>A retail kiosk LCD digital sign in Las Vegas</p>
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              <h3>First National Bank »</h3>
              <p>LCD building directory kiosk with stainless steel fixture</p>
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              <h3>IDS Center »</h3>
              <p>Stacked 65” LCD Building Directories</p>
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              <h3>First National Bank »</h3>
              <p>Double LCD touch screen building directory with skyway map and wayfinding</p>
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              <h3>IDS Center »</h3>
              <p>2 Story Interactive Clocktower Kiosk</p>
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              <h3>The Greene »</h3>
              <p>A mixed-use property interactive LCD digital sign with directory and promotional content</p>
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               <h3>Tendermaid »</h3>
               <p>A double screen menu board digital sign powered by AlivePromo's AlivePulse menu board web-based software.</p>
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First National Bank
Technology has taken the common office building directory from a simple list of names to a highly functional modern information center for your tenants and visitors.

AlivePromo LCD directory boards represent the highest standards in quality, raising your building and property management profiles while adding value for your tenants.
Content options include:
  • Weather, traffic and news
  • Wayfinding and mapping
  • Touch screen interactivity
  • Tenant and employee pages
  • AlivePulse web-based updating
  • Commercial grade LCD screens
  • Presentations, video, television, and other multi-media
More building directory information »
Verizon Wireless
Though driven by technology, digital signage is a marketing tool and should be treated accordingly.

AlivePromo retail digital signage solutions are backed by over twenty years of POP production and marketing fulfillment experience. We provide high quality creative, software, and other digital signage services designed to connect your brand to your audience.
Products and services include:
  • Strategic planning
  • PulseII web-based SaaS software
  • Equipment procurement
  • Fixture design and fabrication
  • 24 hour monitoring and maintenance
  • Installation and networking
  • Design and programming services
  • Warehousing, staging and fulfillment
More retail digital signage information »
The Greene
If you own or manage a shopping center, mixed-use facility, stadium, or any other public space, you know how important it is to connect people to your tenants and sponsors.

AlivePromo uses extensive marketing expertise, design-to-sign services, and beyond the box thinking to deliver high-quality digital signage solutions that work for your space and connect with your audience.
Public spaces venues include shopping centers, malls, stadiums, office tower and building areas, skyways, and more.

Applications include:
  • Indoor or outdoor solutions
  • interactive touch screens and kioks
  • Building directories and dialer units
  • Digital Waterfalls
  • Sunlight readable technology
  • Text message interactivity
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Fort Levenworth
AlivePromo understands that your facility is responsible for the morale and welfare of servicemen and women and other government employees throughout world.

Our government digital signage is sensible and cost-efficient without compromising our reputation for quality, allowing us to provide you with solutions that enliven your atmosphere while streamlining operations.
Applications include:
  • Digital menu board displays
  • Digital building directories
  • Lobby information displays and more
Technology includes:
  • LCD touch screens
  • Mapping and wayfinding
  • Weather, traffic, news, and more
  • Secured software solutions
More government information »
Your menu board is more than just an LCD screen with looping graphics - it�s a marketing vehicle and an expression of your brand.

With over twenty years of POP and marketing fulfillment experience, AlivePromo knows how to connect your menu board solution to your customers and how to make it work with your in-store marketing strategy.
Benefits include:
  • Automated dayparting
  • Instant menu item updating
  • Corporate and local store updating
  • Animated content
  • 24 hour technical support
  • Networking and installation services
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Memorial Blood Bank
AlivePromo specializes in high quality, beyond-the-box digital signage
solutions that can't be found off-the-shelf.

Specialized projects include:
  • Multi-Screen applications and video walls
  • LCD donor and recognition walls
  • Interactive Waterfalls
  • Portable and foldable kiosks
  • Vending Machine LCD signage
  • Custom programming applications and more
More specialized information »