Integrating Building Directories into Commercial Property Landscapes

May 29, 2009 by AlivePromo Staff

Who says nature and technology can't get along?  For many properties the installation of digital building directories in combination with interior landscaping or plantscaping can provide an interesting duality:  a natural, timeless setting with today's most innovative technology.

With innovation in LCD screens, the Internet, creative design technology, and processing technology, building directories have evolved from static tenant listings with name strips to modern information centers, replete with weather forecasts, traffic information, slideshows, and more.  Oh, and you can update tenant information online and watch it change on your directory screen almost immediately.


The advancement of artificial plants and trees also provide a new avenue into shaping commercial spaces without the hassle of maintaining live plants.  New molding technology and advanced techniques are making custom artificial plants and trees more lifelike than ever, allowing plantscapers to define spaces, create atmosphere, absorb sound, and more.  


Artificial plants and trees come in many different shapes and sizes and can replicate almost any theme.  Products include palm trees, ficus trees, bonsai trees, bamboo trees, and more.  A variety of artificial foliage and plants can also spice up a commercial space.


Together, digital building directories and plantscaping provide intriguing opportunities for designers to create a memorable experience for visitors.  To be surrounded by a tree and plant based setting while interacting with a modern touch screen is an interesting feeling indeed.  


To add a tropical twist to a commercial space, select from a variety of artificial palm trees by Commercial Silk Int'l.