AlivePromo awarded contracts for navy

AlivePromo awarded contracts for navy
December 1, 2014 AlivePromo Staff

AlivePromo awarded contracts to supply digital menu boards for the Navy

digital menu boards

AlivePromo, Inc. was awarded contracts to supply the US Navy with digital menu board systems. The digital menu boards are designed to be stand-alone for use on ships or military installations. The digital menu boards feature the standard military menu cycle system, but with AlivePromo’s creative and efficient content software making it work digitally. Staff on the ships can update the cycle as needed on the fly if it is to change for any reason from the normal menu. One of the ships most recently sent a system was the USS Cole which has been deployed to operate in the Mediterranean Sea and surrounding waters. “We literally got the phone call from the USS Cole while it was somewhere in the Atlantic headed to the Mediterranean”, said CEO and President Sam Rogers. “I’m pretty sure its the first time we have taken an order from a ship while at sea and on deployment”. AlivePromo is on the GSA schedule and provides digital signage for the federal government, the military and supporting agencies.

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  1. Simon Gondeck 9 years ago

    Do you think the Army and Air Force will give you contracts in the future?

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