AlivePromo completes LED Direct View Feature wall for 80 Park Plaza in Newark

AlivePromo completes LED Direct View Feature wall for 80 Park Plaza in Newark
June 30, 2018 AlivePromo Staff

June 30, 2018  –  AlivePromo completes LED direct view wall for 80 Park Plaza in Newark

AlivePromo, Inc. in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a long time leading provider of digital display solutions for commercial properties completed a deployment of a stunning LED direct view wall feature at at 80 Park Plaza in Newark, NJ. The 1.9 mm LED feature wall was part of an overall lobby refresh of the large downtown office complex.

“The 80 Park Plaza feature wall represents an evolution of incorporating higher resolution LED direct view systems.”, says Sam Rogers, CEO and President. “Sub 1.0 mm resolutions are just around the corner.”

Rogers explains that deploying digital signage is becoming less about the old standard 16 x 9 TV type screens still spec’d today for many projects. He spends much of his time educating architects and developers to think out of the box and integrate LED direct view into designs like they would wall systems, flooring and lighting.

AlivePromo has now engineered and integrated several LED direct view systems for offices, including the highly innovative Fifth Street Tower triangles in Minneapolis.

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AlivePromo, Inc., located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, provides professional grade, innovative and highly creative digital signage and directory systems for commercial, government, medical and educational properties.

AlivePromo works with property managers, asset managers, property owners, interior designers and architects to provide highly integrated digital display systems and networks. The company provides a total solution including system design and engineering, creative services, equipment, integration and ongoing maintenance.

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