AlivePromo Direct View LED Replaces Multiscreen Video Wall

AlivePromo Direct View LED Replaces Multiscreen Video Wall
July 28, 2023 AlivePromo Staff


AlivePromo, Inc. in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a long time leading provider of digital display solutions for commercial properties and government entities, integrated a new Direct View LED into a niche previously housing a fourteen display matrix that was showing its age…as well as seams.

“Multi-screen video walls are now considered old-school,” says Sam Rogers, CEO of AlivePromo, Inc. “LED direct view systems allow us to creatively replace or add full wall systems that show no seams. They last a lot longer then traditional LCD screens and are way easier to operate, manage and service.”

AlivePromo curates and manages the content for the property and provides technical service as needed. The LED video wall system, is only 2” deep and is all front serviceable. Direct view LED adds a stunning look and escapes the older look of cumbersome LCD multiscreen video walls.

About AlivePromo — AlivePromo, Inc., located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, provides professional grade, innovative and highly creative digital display systems for commercial, government, medical and educational properties. AlivePromo provides property managers, asset managers, property owners, interior designers and architects highly integrated digital display systems that can allow for rapid change of content just about anywhere in the world.