AlivePromo outfits the Omaha Douglas County building

AlivePromo outfits the Omaha Douglas County building
May 5, 2014 AlivePromo Staff

AlivePromo outfits the Omaha Douglas County building with Multiple Digital Wayfinders

May 5, 2014 by AlivePromo Staff


If one were to visit the Omaha Douglas public buildings on Farnam Street in Omaha Nebraska, he or she might have been a bit confused as to how to navigate the complex campus of public buildings and court rooms. AlivePromo was brought in to help improve the wayfinding at the venerable city complex. On every floor of the high rise are now beautiful 42″ AlivePromo digital directories in brushed stainless steel frames that give a visitor immediate information as to what floor they are on and where their eventual destination is located. On the busier floors are 46” interactive kiosks to allow for visitors to search offices, departments and staff. What once was a menagerie of printed directional signs is now replaced with state of the art digital informational systems. The office tenants and other building information is managed via AlivePromo’s AlivePulse™ web based content management system. Property management can change out information for every floor and office as often as they wish. The fixtures for the directories are unique stainless steel frame designs crafted by AlivePromo to fit the latest in LED screen technology. They work perfectly in public environments since they are easy to clean, stand up to public use and offer maximum security of the technology within.

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