AlivePromo Systems Integrated into large LED Displays at New York’s Historic 28 Liberty Building.

AlivePromo Systems Integrated into large LED Displays at New York’s Historic 28 Liberty Building.
April 16, 2023 AlivePromo Staff

AlivePromo’s AliveLED™ System Integrated into large LED Direct View Displays at New York’s Historic 28 Liberty Building.

AlivePromo, Inc. in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a long time leading provider of digital display solutions for commercial properties and government entities, has been tasked to provide its LED direct view systems, content management and content creation services for the property management team at 28 Liberty in lower Manhattan (NYC).
28 Liberty is well know to New Yorkers for its history and prominence in the financial district. Within its grand lobby, viewable from the large open plaza outside, is a two story high LED direct view display. In the marketplace level, a full wall system follows the flow of a staircase-like seating area. The building management group asked AlivePromo to make the content management system more efficient and provide more creative and informational content. The new system’s architecture and equipment allows for property management to easily control what is on the LED displays. In addition, AlivePromo contributes its own seasonal curated content throughout the year.

“We viewed the project as being sure building owners and staff had a system that enhanced the LED in place, but also allowed for much better content management protocol,” said Sam Rogers, CEO of AlivePromo, Inc. “We were able to scale things down at the head end while increasing the content quality on the displays.”

About AlivePromo — AlivePromo, Inc., located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, provides professional grade, innovative and highly creative digital display systems for commercial, government, medical and educational properties. AlivePromo provides property managers, asset managers, property owners, interior designers and architects highly integrated digital display systems that can allow for rapid change of content just about anywhere in the world.