Digital Signage Systems at Gaviidae Common

Digital Signage Systems at Gaviidae Common
March 22, 2014 AlivePromo Staff

AlivePromo integrates multiple state of the art digital signage systems in Minneapolis’ Gaviidae Common 1

AlivePromo integrates multiple digital signage systems in Minneapolis’ Gaviidae Common 1 MINNEAPOLIS — March 22, 2014—AlivePromo—a Twin Cities-based company specializing in high-end, dynamic, digital signage for large buildings and businesses—has created a whole-building signage integration for Gaviidae Common 1 in downtown Minneapolis. The installation is the first use in the region of a new, thin, lightweight LED tile technology. Visitors to Gaviidae Common 1 will now see a ring of thin LED tiles between the street level and the skyway level, as well as 40-foot LED banners hanging from the top level. These new screens display information — including building tenants, stock quotes and news headlines. The LED tile technology is easily customizable for events, breaking news announcements and promotional images.

AlivePromo integrates new display technology into well known retail space

gaviidae kioskWhen complete in early April, the Gaviidae Common 1 project will include digital skyway and directional headers, an interactive 84-inch Ultra High Definition LED LCD with glass foil touch technology, an interactive greeter kiosk on the skyway level and digital wayfinders on each floor in the elevator lobbies. Elevator cabs will also feature digital signs, and the entire building will offer a public WiFi system. “This new LED tile system in Gaviidae is a game changer for the digital signage world. Unlike other display systems, which can be bulky, hot or unwieldy, this technology is light and flexible. This means we can create a larger, more creative display, but easily integrate it into the architectural design of the building. This technology’s time has finally come and will continue to get better,” said Sam Rogers, CEO, AlivePromo. “Our Gaviidae project is a perfect example of how a property can cost-efficiently and nimbly create a new, exciting and modern feel without having to change anything structural.” “People are really excited about the signage and are interacting with it — you can feel the vibe changing in Gaviidae,” said Tim Kleiman, general manager, Gaviidae Common. “The addition of AlivePromo’s creative display designs and concepts created a visible transformation without a lot of intrusion — that’s important because our building is a main artery and destination for those who work downtown.”

AlivePromo has designed for other high profile buildings

AlivePromo has also integrated new technology into the Minneapolis IDS Center. Its interactive clock tower kiosk, designed by Rogers, was carefully planned to blend into the IDS Crystal Court’s famous Philip Johnson design. AlivePromo provides concept design, digital fixtures, installation and software that integrates digital into a space, taking care of the entire process and making it easy for businesses to upgrade building technology. AlivePromo installations can be found in many major commercial and government buildings in the Twin Cities and across the U.S., including New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Washington D.C. For more information, visit

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