Digital Conversions – Time to toss that black electrical tape!

Digital Conversions – Time to toss that black electrical tape!
May 24, 2016 AlivePromo Staff

centbacklitexampleAlivePromo has mastered the back-lit directory conversion. The company is seeing more and more buildings convert to digital since the AlivePromo process has become so turnkey and affordable.

Older buildings, and even some new, likely have the standard back-lit directory with CFL’s and white translucent letters. Changing directory listings in this case is time consuming, costly and creates a lag on tenant listing updates. It is also getting harder to find someone that can make the film. The joke about how much black electrical tape one uses to cover light leaks in the listing boards is a frequent talking point. Lastly, its downright dangerous in some cases to lift a heavy glass lid to change a single tenant name.

With new thin screen technology, touch foil technology, smaller AlivePromo PC’s and some artful black gap masking, AlivePromo can convert a back-lit directory without removing the existing frame, light box and glass—and the cost is surprisingly inexpensive.  Most importantly, once internet connectivity is set up at the directory location, the new digital directory is accessible from the internet using  AlivePromo’s directory manager CMS, AlivePulse™, allowing for prompt tenant name changes.

AlivePromo’s directory conversion process means you can upgrade a building lobby very efficiently without having to completely remove the exiting back-lit directory box. To see more examples, go to: